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Eleveight Footstraps Airgo The Eleveight Airgo is easy and quick to mount. It offers a variety of settings for the perfect comfortable fit.

139,99 €

Eleveight Barra CSeries Vary The CSeries VARY bar is latest control system, compatible with all Eleveight kites and most other four line wings on the market.

489,00 €

Eleveight Tabla Kitesurf Surfboard Curl The Curl is a high-performance surfboard ideal for solid wave conditions.

749,00 €

Eleveight Tabla Kitesurf Surfboard Escape The Escape reflects the need of a new generation of strapless freestyle.

749,00 €

Eleveight Tabla Kitesurf Twintip Process Cutting through chop, cushioning heavy landings and easy upwind performance are only a few of the attributes that make the Process board stand out.

559,00 €

Eleveight Tabla Kitesurf Twintip Master This board is easy to access and will provide joy and fun the second you hit the water.

589,00 €

Eleveight Trainer Kite Our Eleveight Trainer Kite is perfect for newcomers to enter the sport of kiting. It allows anyone to learn how to handle a kite in a safe and enjoyable way.

249,00 €

Eleveight Kite RS Series Tame any storm, ride any spot and excel in any style – the RSeries is the one kite to truly stand out in every situation.

919,00 €

Eleveight Kite WS Series The WSeries is a true wave kite. It is a very light but tough three strut kite with a four line Open-C Hybrid design matched with a medium aspect ratio.

1 029,00 €

Eleveight Kite FS Series The FSeries is a high-performance kite addressed to advanced riders that seek the thrill of radical freestyle tricks and staggering big airs.

1 649,00 €

Rack Pads Dakine 17"

17,50 € 25,00 € -30%

Rack Pads Dakine Aero 18"

18,90 € 27,00 € -30%

Barra Dakine Push Button Hammerhead 10"

42,00 € 60,00 € -30%

Barra Dakine Hammerhead Complete 10"

38,50 € 55,00 € -30%

Naish Barra 2017 Torque 5-Line Control System 24m

580,00 €

Naish Barra 2017 Torque BTB Control System

490,00 €

Slingshot Barra 2017 Compstick Sentinel Bar

520,00 €

Slingshot Barra 2017 Compstick Guardian Bar

520,00 €

Slingshot Tabla 2017 Screamer Surfboard 

995,00 €

Slingshot Tabla 2017 Tyrant Surfboard 

995,00 €

Slingshot Tabla 2017 Celeritas Surfboard. Classic All Around Shortboard

995,00 €
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