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iSup Pack Inflatable Board Kit 11' DVSport Arrow 1. Pack 1x iSUP Board, 1x Inflatable Pump with manometer, 1x telescopic 2-parts paddle, 1x transport bag and 1x reparation kit.

545,00 €

RRD Tabla SUP Airtourer V2. These two shapes allow for a super easy access to flat water, and enjoy the first steps for anyone who want to experience the first paddle strokes on a Sup board. 

1 179,00 €

RRD Tabla SUP Airventure V2. The perfect board to put in your car and go on an adventure trip.

1 085,00 €

RRD Tabla SUP Airwave V2. Two boards designed specifically to start riding waves. 

1 015,00 €

RRD Tabla SUP Airsup V2. The most wanted SUP range of our collection. 

1 040,00 €
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