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Leash RRD Neopreno 1,75 m

46,00 €

RRD Kite Passion MK8 2017

890,00 €

RRD Kite Vision MK5 2017

890,00 €

RRD Kite Emotion MK2 2017

1 150,00 €

RRD Kite Obsession MK9. The Obsession MK9 is in a league of its own. Because of the major redesign on the MK8, the new MK9 has only received minor adjustments

960,00 €

RRD Kite Obsession Pro MK3. The Obsession PRO MK3 is our new pure blooded PRO freestyle kite.

1 099,00 €

RRD Trainer Kite MK2. The new Trainer Kite is designed and built to introduce kiteboarding to everyone.

285,00 €

Complete Kitesurf Pack RRD Wave Kite Religion MK6 + Surfboard Balena + Barra Global V6

1 365,00 €

RRD Kite Surfboard Pop

785,00 €

RRD Kite Surfboard Balena K

815,00 €

Complete Kitesurf Pack RRD Kite Vision + Board Placebo V5 + Bar Global V6. Save money with this complete Kitesurfing pack.

1 305,00 €

RRD Q-Seat W Harness

160,00 €

RRD Sense Harness

205,00 €

RRD KR Seat Harness

145,00 €

RRD Stark Harness

149,00 €

RRD Thrive Harness

199,00 €

RRD Shift Pro Harness. The shift pro is worked out further as the choice for riders with a flatter lower back shape for an ergonomic fit when riding with a lot of power.

235,00 €

RRD Tabla SUP Airtourer V2. These two shapes allow for a super easy access to flat water, and enjoy the first steps for anyone who want to experience the first paddle strokes on a Sup board. 

1 179,00 €

RRD Tabla SUP Airventure V2. The perfect board to put in your car and go on an adventure trip.

1 085,00 €

RRD Tabla SUP Airwave V2. Two boards designed specifically to start riding waves. 

1 015,00 €

RRD Tabla SUP Airsup V2. The most wanted SUP range of our collection. 

1 040,00 €
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