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Welcome to Tarifa Air Force

Tarifa Air Force is a close-knit company founded in Tarifa in 2005 by a bunch of dreamers passionate about the sea. Friendship, reverence for nature and a romantic quest for a sport-centric lifestyle have always been our engine.

At the beginning, creating our own path meant sailing against the wind. TAF is the result of a firm will to overcome difficulties, a combination of ideas, shared efforts, patience and lots of enjoyment over the years.

Our purpose is creating and sharing with you unforgettable experiences while also developing the local economy and preserving the environment of Tarifa, the place we call home.

Our lifestyle is a message we hope will inspire all of those who seek their own-inspired path for the sake of developing their full potential within the magical realms of fun and happiness.

This place is yours. Feel at home and join the fun!!

Patricia, Javier and Alberto

Opening time Tarifa Shop

Monday - Sunday: 10:30 AM - 21.30 PM

Call for Support and Bookings

+34 956 684 242

Call us if you want to book a Kitesurf or Paddle Surf course, or if you need any help with your online order. From Tarifa With Love!


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