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Slingshot Tabla 2016 Kiteboard Crisis

Slingshot Tabla 2016 Kiteboard Crisis

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Slingshot Tabla 2016 Kiteboard Crisis. Asa y Aletas incluidas.

414,00 € IVA incl.


460,00 € IVA incl.

Slingshot Tabla 2016 Kiteboard Crisis. Asa y Aletas incluidas.

For freeriders looking for a solid board that will deliver consistently in all conditions, look no farther than the 2016 Crisis. This board features wood core construction,  single concave outline and double flat rails for optimal flex, edge control, upwind performance, load and pop and cushy landings. The Crisis is responsive and durable enough for hardcore freestylers, but friendly and forgiving enough for newcomers, making this one of the most versatile boards in our line.

Like all of Slingshot’s twin tip boards, the Crisis is built proudly in the United States with high-quality materials sourced from the Pacific Northwest. Construction includes an all-wood Atomic Core that provides the best flex, performance and durability out of any core material on the market.

Package includes board, standard 2" (5.08cm) fins and grab handle.